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Based near Geneva, Switzerland, Goldkenn was founded in 1980 to bring innovation to the world wide tradition of Swiss Chocolate. To achieve this, four of the best Swiss Maître Chocolatier joined the Goldkenn team, each one specialized in one of the techniques necessary to develop each of the recipes and product lines.

Combining two famous Swiss symbols, Banks and Chocolate, Goldkenn created the world famous "GOLDBAR", rapidly followed by several other original product lines, inventive, yet respectful of the their Swiss chocolate heritage.

The commercial success of Goldkenn products was crowned by the entry into a totally new market for chocolate products - Duty Free shops in airports.

By successfully developing a new market category for chocolate, Goldkenn became a pioneer in the Airport Retail Market and then moved into a second, ground breaking market - sales on board planes, known in the airline industry as "In-Flight".

Right from the first year world wide sales developed rapidly and Goldkenn became one of the premier brands of Swiss Chocolate with a respected reputation in the international Travel Retail Industry.

Product Categories

Swiss Gold Collection

Liqueur Bar Collection

Swiss Gold Collection

Combining two famous Swiss symbols - Banks & Chocolate - Goldkenn created the world famous "GOLD BAR". A pioneer in the airport duty-free and In-Flight, you can find Goldkenns products in over 250 airports worldwide.

Liqueur Bar Collection